New Kirby Watermark Plugin

Hey Kirby,
we have developped a brand new watermark plugin. Its intention is to mark the images on your site, so they become useless for people who want to “steal” them.

For those of you, who want to test the code right away download this:

Check the readme.txt for instructions.

For Kirby Plugin Maintainers and Core Maintainers
We created the watermark plugin for our own need. As we are not a software company
we do not intend to invest time in the maintenance of the code, other than for our own needs.

I would highly appreciate if:

  1. The code would be shared on
  2. Someone would like to host it on github

Ideally, the plugin would be come part of the kirby core. My experience with plugins is rather negative.
Plugins depend on a certain version of the core and are likely to become outdated or incompatible with other plugins.
This has happened to other cms, eg. Wordpress. It can be argued that plugins keep the cms flexible and the coding
work distributed. As we do not intend to keep the plugin up to date (at least we are honest about it),
the core would be the best place for it.


Thanks a lot for sharing :slight_smile:

You are very right as regards the problem of using third party plugins if you don’t know how to update them yourself in case the original developer stops development. This very often keeps people from updating the core with the risk of their code base not being safe anymore.

On the other hand, it does not really make sense to include every plugin into the core no matter how many or few people might actually need a feature. Once you start doing that, your code base explodes and you end up with a monster.

Kirby is really easy to extend and I really like this modular approach that keeps the code base clean of stuff that is not needed by most.

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Hi Sonja,
all right then. Does anybody like to publish watermark on your plugin site? It would be a waste if this code isn’t shared.


It has already been added to the unofficial Kirby Plugins repo:

You can contact @DieserJonas to get it listed on

I’ve been trying to integrate this plugin in my blog but don’t seem to get it right. I want all pictures in kirbytext to include the watermark. I know the best way to do this would be to take the image tag from the master and copy all of it into a new file in site/tag and editing away to achieve this but I didn’t get anywhere…

Any help would be much appreciated!