Need to Cutomise Panel Login Page

I need to customize panel login page. I need to add a background image only on this page and also want to add my brand logo above the login form. Kindly please provide a way to do this.


You can achieve this with custom Panel CSS.

For more complex stuff, you could create a custom login view, but shouldn’t be necessary in this case.

Look at, which is for Kirby 2.x, but on Kirby 3 it is the same css technique with the exception of the option in the config.php file. Add the background picture with css too.

@texnixe, I am going with creating custom login view as I will need more customization in future. And also page is not having different set of css classes and ids.
How do I use custom login extension ? As of right now I put those two files index.js and components/LoginScreen.vue inside plugin site/plugins/Loginswap folder. But its not doing anything on Login page.

You can find an example in this plugin:

Hello @texnixe,
I have tried using this plugin, but its not doing anything. Its just having LoginScreen.vue file in components but it doesn’t swap the original login page. I have made changes in blueprints as well.

I have to check it out myself, will do later.

@kirbyc What exactly have you done? Installed the plugin or just used parts of it? Don’t forget that you need a build tool when dealing with single file components as described in the Panel plugin documentation. What you use is up to you, but we usually use Parcel.

okay thanks … yes I also build with parcel and installing node modules, I do it for each plugin. Right now we have fixed it with css example you provided.
Now I want to redirect user to a custom page, which I created by plugin, after login, but it always redirects to previous visited page. I tried following code inside site/config/config.php but it did not work :

'routes' => [
          'pattern' => '(:any)',
          'action'  => function ($uid) {
            $page = page($uid);
            if($page && $page->intendedTemplate() == 'site') {
              return go('/panel/plugins/dashboard', 301);
            return $page;

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What is this?

this is my plugins dashboard link.I want to redirect on that. Please tell me any solution asap. /

I don’t really understand what you are trying to do. Where is the logic that redirects after login?

I found the above code solution, that is where login redirects on default ‘site’ page, so I make condition in routing that wherever there is ‘site’ page it should redirect to our custom dashboard page.
if($page && $page->intendedTemplate() == 'site') { return go('/panel/plugins/dashboard', 301); }

Kindly tell me any other solution if that doesn’t working. Where can I put the code to redirect after login ?

If I had an answer, I would tell you. I don’t know how this can be achieved without a custom login view or loggin in from the frontend. Currently, you cannot redirect from a hook. Your route won’t work, because you want this stuff to happen in the Panel context, but your route looks for a first level page (apart from that the site object is not a page and doesn’t have an intendedTemplate).

Okay thanks @texnixe,
Now I have customized the login page by this link.
Now I have created two fields there username and password.
But kindly tell me how can I check authentication ? What need to be paas in login method which is in Vue file.
My code is as follows :
export default { computed: { fields() { return { username: { placeholder: "username", label: "Username", type: "text" },password: { placeholder: "password", label: "Password", type: "password" }, } } }, methods: { login() { /** Send 2FA auth link **/ } } };
What need to pass in send 2FA auth link ?

As you told route looks for First level page, so how I can replace that by my custom dashboard page or how can I create first level page ?