Navigation Builder

I was wondering if there is a Plugin to build more custom navigations than pages and childs … I need a few external links and links to childs from different pages…

Not sure about a navigation builder but for sure there are plenty of nice people willing to give you a hand on the forum.

No, I haven’t seen a navigation builder plugin yet. But you could build a navigation system using subpages/modules and the structure or builder field, for example. Unless you want to create a plugin yourself, of course :slight_smile:

To avoid a plugin in such cases I use a separate blueprint and template:


title: Link
icon: magic
  template: false
pages: false
files: false
    label: Title
    type:  text
    label: Link to the page
    type:  url


<?php go($page->link()); ?>

If you can choose this blueprint, where you need it in the panel as a new page, and afterwards set this page visible, you can add a link to an internal or external webpage, which will be shown in the normal menu.

awesome :slight_smile: