Murby – plain starterkit on steroids!

Hey everybody :slight_smile: Yesterday I published my personal starterkit for Kirby 3! It’s pretty plain without any styling, but with a neat structure and some extras I think many people need. A plainkit on steroids! :rocket:

This contains the following:

  • Composer based Kirby workflow for easy updating the core and adding plugins
  • A webpack configuration with Sass, Babel, Postcss and autoprefixer, Imagemin and more
  • Live reloading when you change anything to your assets like JavaScript or Sass
  • Easy npm scripts to start developing in no time and build optimized assets for production
  • A pretty basic template scructure with Header, Footer, Treemenu, etc.


Did I forgot something? Any bugs or issues? Any ideas for improvements? Can’t wait for your honest feedback! :clap:


Didn’t have a look (yet), but thanks for sharing these kinds of things :raised_hands:

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Perfect ! Thanks for your work. I just installed it.

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