Multiselect list of subpages

Hi there, i was wondering if it possible to get from query list of subpages of some page in multiselect field

For example:
I have pages
Payments (template “payments”)

  • Paypal (template “list”)
  • Visa (template “list”)

Countries (template “countries”)

  • United Kingdom (template “list”)
  • Canada (template “list”)

And have Reviews that have specifications that should fetch list of countries / payments
Is it possible to rech this goal with query?

Or I need to create taxonomy fields in site blueprint and fetch them from there?

Could you specify your expected output (i.e. what sort of options do you want to see)?


I would like to select
pages in using mutiselect field in review blueprint
but not all of them just child pages of some specify pages. (subpages of Countries or Payments pages)

Yes, that is doable (I use a pages field in this example):

  label: Payments and Countries
  type: pages
  query: site.find('payments', 'countries').children

But from a user perspective, making a user select things that are not really related, seems a bit strange?

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No no, thanks, you help me. Big thanks!

For me it will looks like this: query: site.find(‘licenses’).children

            label: Payments
            type: multiselect
            options: query
            query: site.find('payments').children
            label: Languages
            type: multiselect
            options: query
            query: site.find('languages').children
            label: Licenses
            type: multiselect
            options: query
            query: site.find('licenses').children

Ah, ok, that makes sense now; I thought you wanted all the options from all these pages in one select field…:see_no_evil:

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