Blueprint: select values from children of a page

Is there a way to select fields in sub-page of a page?

like this :slight_smile:

    label: Favorite Drink
    type: select 
    options: field
      page: menu
      name: available_drinks
      separator: ;

But with the children pages of menu for example?


Yes, you just have to provide the correct URI for the sub-page you’re trying to query the field from.

page: menu/subpage-of-menu/sub-subpage-of-menu

(If you want to query a structure field though, you might need the Select-a-Structure field)

You can’t get the values of multiple pages, though, if that is your intention. In that case the controlled list plugin is an option to fetch all values of particular field from all the child pages.

Yes it was for retrieving all the values of a certain field in multiple children pages. Thank you, I will look the plugin.