Multiselect as input field

can i use multiselect field to input data?

Do you mean to add something manually instead of just selecting an option? No. What is your use case? Maybe use the tags field instead?

I take this opportunity to ask you if there is no problem …

I’m trying to use the panel in the following scenario:

in site.yml configure the following tabs (as in the image)

the idea is to manage the main content all from site.yml

I have two questions:

first question/

in the multi select field there is an option called accept and you have two options: all or options.

I understand that options only lets you use the predefined options in the field (queries or predefined)

What does the ‘all’ option do? I thought it was to be able to use the multiselect field as the tags field, where you can bring data from other fields or create new data.

second question/

I create a project blueprint with a structured field

I want to be able to access that same field from the ‘projects’ tab in site.yml (read and write the same field )

replicate ‘proyectos’ blueprint on site.yml

edit 1 (better question):

the posibility to modify same field on diferent places

1.create a field (textarea) on projects.yml
2.access and use same field on site.yml
3.the information is saved on projects page

I think that’ s probably an error in the docs, because the multi-select field extends the tags field, but in reality, you can’t just add any text. As I said, in that case, use the tags field in list layout, it works similar to the multiselect field then and has the additional option to add anything else.

No, that’s not possible. If you add a textarea field in your site.yaml, the content will be stored in site.txt, or at least not out of the box. Maybe something like this could be created with custom sections or Panel views.

i thinked that one of the purpose on query language is to read but also write fields froms another pages. like in the starterkit ‘dashboard’ (albums from photography modified on the site.yml interface)

what do you mean? where can i investigate this matter. i think is a good idea to be able to do it. the posibility to create an interface to modify content using tabs on site.yaml

sorry my english!!

No, the query language only queries information, it doesn’t write anything anywhere.

Then why is it still in there? It’s only been 5 years. Wondering about the same thing, and why the accept: all option doesn’t seem to work, I found this thread.

So I guess tags field it is?

Hm, yes, that property is actually present in the field definition for the multi-select field, so the docs fetch it automatically from there.

So no idea if this is a bug, or something not implemented.


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