Multilanguage Blog, different posts per language

Hi people, there’s a way to make a Multi-Language Blog with different posts per language?
not only a simple translation.
I have a an English Audience and a specific content writing about Dogs.
My Spanish audience wants more content about Cats.
My blog in English is all about Dogs, the same blog in Spanish is all about cats.
This is possible without duplicating(Ex: blogs/en — blogs/es) the blog structure for every language?

Hm, I guess you could throw everything into one folder and then filter by language. But I doubt that this makes sense. And it’s probably not easily usable for editors.

Thanks, it seems that it has a bad solution :roll_eyes: :thinking:

Do you only have the blog or does your site have other content as well?

No, the site it has to be translated as usual. It’s only the blog content. I’m thinking on one Blog, N different templates (to filter N langs). As an editor you have to create a Blogpost on your desired template, for example BlogPost.EN/BlogPost.ES… You write your title on the desired language and then, inside the blogpost editor on the Panel you change to the desired language.
With this you can see all the posts on the Blog with the title on the desired language.

Another way colud be to work with a Flag inside the post and display the blog with Index Field Plugin on the Panel, it makes sense?

Any thoughts?

Do you have different editors for the different languages? Then maybe you could use permissions to allow access to particular languages only to make it easier for editors to write in the correct language. I think you have to test different options to see what works best. I’m not so sure about the flag inside a post, because I don’t know what the result would be if the flag said “en” and the file extension “es”.

No, there’s no different editors but this approach is interesting, do you have more information about how to assign permissions to a user only for one language? Thanks @texnixe.

If you scroll down you will find some code to let user roles create pages only in a specific language. The same could be done for page updating.

But the Flag approach with Index Field, and then getting the content with something like:
Could be an option, I’ll test!

Thanks @texnixe, I’ll check it out.