[multilang] No language available yet - No switcher in the panel

I followed the steps from the documentation, set my config.php to


return [
    'debug'  => true,
    'languages' => true,


But I got this :

Even if I manage to create one, it doesn’t appears in the list, but appears in my files :
Capture d’écran 2024-03-13 à 13.41.58

This is the file generated


return [
    'code' => 'fr',
    'default' => true,
    'direction' => 'ltr',
    'locale' => [
        'LC_ALL' => 'fr_FR'
    'name' => 'fr',
    'translations' => [

    'url' => NULL

No language appears in the list and I also don’t have the switch here :

Am I doing something wrong here?

Does this also happen when you execute the same steps using a fresh Starterkit?

If I understand correctly, you

  1. Added the languages option in the config
  2. Then went into the panel and created the languages

You did not add the en.php and fr.php manually?

I’m on a fresh plain kit, yeah.
I tried both, adding them manually and adding them through the panel!

Well, tried with another plainkit it worked… But I have to figure out where it came from haha.

Weird, needless to say that I cannot reproduce this neither with a fresh 4.2.1 Starterkit nor with a fresh Plainkit.

Caching issue? Are you testing locally? What environment?

Did the content files get renamed ok?

Yeah, me neither actually.
The files were renamed ok, even after some retries, some turned out to be home.fr.en.fr.en.en.en.fr.txt
I was testing locally, on MacOS…

What a mess…

Ok, but what sort of dev environement? Mamp, Laravel Herd, PHP built-in server…?

Don’t know if it’s related too, but this

              fr: Nouveautés
              en: News
            type: pages

doesn’t seem to be working when I am switching bewteen languages in the upper right corner.

Because this only changed depending on the user language, not the translation language.

Alright, that’s what I thought. By extend, is there a similar way to apply this to the translation?

Does this make sense? After all, these labels are part of the user interface, so IMO they should be in the same language as the rest of the user interface.

If you really need it, you would have to use PHP blueprints.

Well, that’s true, indeed, just thought it could give another hint on where the user was located/which page in which language they are editing.

I saw something once where someone added the language code in front of the label for each field, if I find it again, I post it here.

But seriously, imagine you create a multilanguage site, maybe English, Arabic and Chinese, then as someone who speaks English only, when you switch to Arabic or Chinese, you don’t understand the interface anymore because the labels are in Chinese…