Multi-word search returning no results with a field named 'text'

I’m having an issue where if I submit a multi-word search query, I’m getting no results if I include the ‘text’ field in the search fields.

All of the words in the query appear in the title, so results should be found.

Here is the code that returns no results:

$results = $articles->search($query, [
  'fields' => ['title', 'text'],

But this code, where I search in any other fields along with the title, does work:

$results = $articles->search($query, [
  'fields' => ['title', 'intro'],

Has anyone else experienced this or know why this would be? The ‘text’ field is a textarea.

This is only an issue with multi-word queries — single word queries work when looking in the ‘text’ field. :thinking:

Hm, I just tested this in a fresh 3.4.2 Starterkit on the children of the notes page, and cannot reproduce this.

Are you testing with the kit or with your own website?

What is your Kirby version? Have you copied the code from the docs?

Let me do some more digging. It is quite a complex site that I’m porting over from Kirby 2, with translations and lots of content — so there could be something else going on.

I’ll come back to this thread if I discover any other details.