Search by string and not by separate words


In frontend I try to do a string search.

For exemple when I search for “Extending Kirby” in the startekit, I want to find these page and these page only. Instead I find also “Licensing Kirby” and “Content in Kirby” because those pages contains the word “Kirby” and so this is a words search.

I’m doing this for now :

$results = page('blog')->children();
$query   = get('q');

if ( $query ) {
    $results = $results->search($query);

And I think that this post could help :

But I can’t figure it out,

I’m a big newbie for php

Thanks if someone can help me here !

See this thread: How to use search to include multiple "words"

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Thanks you for the link !

The plugin in this thread is working perfectly !