Multi-Language: Conditional "Text only available in German"

I’m working on a website with german and english content. For most entries, content is only available in German but should be slowly translated. I love how if you enter text in the panel in the default language it is automatically transferred to the other, but is it possible to display a conditional “text only available in German” message if there is only content entered in the German panel?

Note that this content is not stored unless you actually save the original text. As long as you don’t save, no content file in the non-default language (translation) is created.

As long as you don’t store any content in the non-default language, there will be no content file. So you can check if the translation exists and if not, display your fallback text ( $page->translation()->exists()).

If a translation exists, you would have to actually compare content.

ok, gonna try this out when I get back to it. Thanks for the explanation!