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I was very happy to discover on the last Kirby Kosmos that there’s a new plugin called Move Pages, that allows you to, as the name already gives away, move pages around. That’s been a big missing feature for Kirby and even a deal breaker for some of my clients, so I’m very excited.

However, the plugin comes with hardly any documentation. Based on the example they give, it seems you can only move pages to hardcoded folder paths. Has anyone else tried it or is the creator around in the forum to expand on this? I would actually like to have the ability to move pages to any path, ideally with the option to constraint it to children of a specific page/s. Queries would be just amazing.


Ping @ahmetbora: Should be that difficult to implement? And where should feature requests for your plugins be submitted?

@daizumi Query language is currently not supported.

I know it’s a bit complicated. It’s a little bit about the Kirby system actually. You know that you cannot move a page (template) to under to any page. The parent page must support the template of the page you are moving. IMO this is the biggest reason (complicated) why this feature is not available in Kirby core yet.

To be honest, we would like to make the plugin simpler and more useful in line with your valuable ideas :pray:

Issues and features:


I think, like following query implement would be great, right?

# /site/blueprints/pages/project.yml

title: Project
  move: site.children.filterBy('template', 'projects')
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Yes, exactly. I think in that case we have to leave it to the developer to make sure that the query only include pages to where the page can actually be moved.

Thanks Sonja!

I’ve released version 2.0.0.
You can try last version just click download button in your email from Paddle.

Your feedback is very important to us:

Looks good! Thanks!

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This (edited out: would be) IS awesome!

And I agree @texnixe that you should just leave it up to the developer to make sure the provided query doesn’t lead to an incorrect movement of pages. My use case is pretty much what you wrote in your example :slightly_smiling_face: so I’ll definitely use it.

Thanks @ahmetbora for the Github link. Will report there if I see something after trying it out.

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