Move entries between structure fields

Hey there,
I got blueprint/fields/myfield.yml which is a structure field with some simple fields and options. Now, in my template blueprint, I am defining two structure fields using this template, so all entries got same names and so on - let’s say good items and bad items.

Is it possible to move an item from one structure field to another?

Thanks in advance!

No, that’s not possible. An option would be to use the same field but have a checkbox for deciding what category an item belongs to.

That’s what I thought of, but wanted to make it more visible for the client. Having each structure 1/2 width and then move items between them. Nevermind then, I’ll go with the checkbox. Is there a way to display information depending on checkbox state in a structure field’s entry property?

The standard entry is quite stupid, but if you use the snippet field instead, you get more control of what is shown.

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