Module 'yaml' already loaded

Hello everyone. I have a Kirby 3.5.8 running on PHP Version 7.4.29, and everything was working. Now I suddenly git this Error Message in the Panel: The JSON response of the API could not be parsed:

This is the JSON:

{"supported":true,"locked":false}{"status":"error","exception":"Whoops\\Exception\\ErrorException","code":32,"message":"Module 'yaml' already loaded","details":null,"file":"Unknown","line":0}

Anyone has an idea where that error comes from?

I updated to php 8.0. Now the error message is gone. The weird thing is, I didnt change anything during the last days. Why did this error suddenly come up?

The most likely explanation is that your webhoster made some changes. And maybe thus the yaml module was loaded a second time through some php.ini settings. But hard to tell without details.