Modal with video in panel?

Hello. Is there a way to play a video in a modal within the panel? I like to create a collection of how-to videos and offer links to them from a new widget on the dashboard. Clients love it and it saves me tons of training time. The videos open in a new tab over at YouTube. It’d be great if the video could play in a modal. Any ideas on how to make this happen. I understand anything 's possible, but I’m not interested in deeply hacking things.

Well i would also be interested in how to properly create modals with fields/wigets.

To use the Kirby modal you need to add data-modal to the link that should open the modal. The href attribute must point to a route where you can fetch the modal from.

<a href="youtube/UFmQrQxr7EY" data-modal>Yay it's a modal</a>

Create a plugin to create your custom route. It could look something like this.
Not tested I just stripped down the code of this plugin.

if(!function_exists('panel')) return;

$panel = panel();

// Custom delte route
$panel->routes[] = array(
  'pattern' => 'youtube/(:any)',
  'action'  => function($v) {

    $controller = new Kirby\Panel\Controllers\Base();
    return $controller->layout('app', array('content' => tpl::load(__DIR__ . DS . 'template.php', array('v' => $v))));

  'filter'  => 'auth',
  'method'  => 'POST|GET'
// template.php

<div class="modal-content">

  <!-- do whatever you need to do here --><?php echo $v; ?>


<!-- you can add a script tag to add some custom javascript -->
$(function() {
  console.log('do something');

You probably need to add some more markup in the modal to make it look nice because normally the modal is for a form that has all the styling.
But it should be a good point to get started.

It isn’t exactly what you are looking for but maybe this plugin can help you.