Mime type filtering in upload file dialog for files section

On a files section with accept: application/* I can upload .pdf and .docx allright, but the upload file dialog filters by pdf only, and does not show docx unless I specifically ask it to show all files.

I tried uploading a docx file to an accept: image/* field to see, in the error, the docx file filetype, and it returns application/octet-stream which is perhaps confusing ?

Is that my system’s fault ? (Linux 19.2 Cinnamon)

thank you

I can’t really answer your question, but on testing this, I found that I actually get very different results on my Mac depending on browser.

  • Safari only shows me .pdf files (with no chance to select other files, it seems)
  • Firefox shows all files.
  • Chrome shows Word, Excel, PDF etc.
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