Migration to live server failed

Hi there,

I’m working with Kirby a lot, however I don’t know how to fix this, maybe someone has an idea.

I’m trying to migrate/copy a finished dev version to another live server, however it doesn’t work. My guess, due to PHP reasons.

The standard PHP version on the company’s servers is 7.2, however Kirby needs at least 7.4, so I changed it in the company’s server settings. But after I changed it, I saw this auto-added line inside the Kirby .htaccess file at the very top: AddHandler php-fastcgi7.4 .php .phtml

So having this new line, the Kirby .htaccess file apparently doesn’t work anymore –> the website shows an empty page. If I delete the line, the server reverts to PHP 7.2 and shows the custom Kirby error message since it needs 7.4.

I already tried the usual common culprits ie.
• changing the RewriteBase paths
• checking mbstring
• checking mod_rewrite
• deleting media or cache folder
• tried PHP 8
to no avail.

(A regular root-level test.php test file works)

Thanks for any tips!

Question can be marked as solved or even deleted, works now. Some of the dev files got corrupted during copying to the live server via ftp. :roll_eyes: