Migration of existing site to 3.5 - editor & builder to blocks

edit Answering my own questions:

I’m a bit confused about the migration process of an existing site to 3.5 with the new block editor. Unfortunately my project used both editor and builder :grimacing:.

  1. Should I be removing getKirby/editor and timoetting/kirby-builder via composer?


  1. Is there a default set of snippets available anywhere?
  1. I’m trying to get a simple HTML representation of the entire group of blocks for use in a headless JSON endpoint. I am trying $page->exampleField()->toHtml() but getting:
    "[{\"content\":{\"text\":\"<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet<\\/p>\"},\"id\":\"a6f3bac6-6914-4d93-9d1b-8960b6bb69ef\",\"isHidden\":false,\"type\":\"text\"},{\"content\":{\"text\":\"<p>Hello World<\\/p>\"},\"id\":\"d9f5ca42-78ff-4d63-8199-eacf370d405d\",\"isHidden\":false,\"type\":\"text\"}]"

The solution was $page->exampleField()->toBlocks()->toHtml();

and $page->exampleField()->toBlocks() results in {"a6f3bac6-6914-4d93-9d1b-8960b6bb69ef":{},"d9f5ca42-78ff-4d63-8199-eacf370d405d":{}}

The guide states:

If you don’t want to care about the HTML for each individual block, you can echo the entire blocks collection to render all blocks.

In /site/snippets/blocks/text.php I have:

<p><?= kirbytext($content) ?></p>