MBString and Curl missing

I was trying to get into my panel, and got the errors that MB String and Curl extensions are missing. I checked with phpinfo and they actually weren’t showing up. How can I install them? Pls don’t judge, Im extremly new to Kirby.

Depends on your environment, local or hosted, and the capabilities of your own and your hoster. If local, which OS and PHP version; if hosted, using a cpanel or ssh (the also the OS is of interest) or what else?

I’m using localhost on Windows 10 and PHP Version 8.2.6.

And did you already check out the installation notes like that PHP: Installing a PHP extension on Windows - Manual or did you run into problems or what is the real problem? It is hard to give valuable answers to non-specific questions. I mean, if I call my car manufacturer and tell him, “I want to repair my car, how can I do that?” I won’t get useful answers, I fear.

Yes, I actually tried that, but I found my issue. I accidentally called the .ini file .ini.txt. But thanks anyways.