Marking custom areas with Annotator plugin

Hi, is it possible to mark custom areas with Annotator plugin? @sylvainjule, can you comment, please? For example I would need to mark areas like this and also would be good to have different colors (available, sold):


Hey, not currently and not in a near future, no.
This would imply the ability to draw custom shapes with the plugin, quite a big task. I currently have very little time to maintain them, I do what’s needed to keep them working while kirby’s core code changes, but I won’t find time to work on this feature.

I see, thank you, maybe there could be workaround if I draw shapes myself, like .svg images, and just put them instead of pointers?

Oh, as it is using structure field, I think I could add image field and attach images there, should work.

@roman i’ve done similar things via ImageMap Pro. A kirby plugin for this would be amazing, but for now you need to use the standalone visual map editor and drop the resulting code into the template. Things get tricky if you need to edit it from within Kirby though.

Helpful tool, thank you!

No worries… I have done it this way too, if that tool isn’t an option… It uses an SVG to make an interactive map of the united states with the help of a little javascript, but you can use the same principle for any map.

The key is to just line up the data attributes with the ID’s of the SVG paths, and bingo :slight_smile: