Mandrill adaptor

Hi all,
I have a form on my website (made with uniform plugin), and I need to send the output via Mandrill service. Does anyone know how to write adaptor for Mandrill? I have no idea where to start…


Currently, the Kirby Toolkit supports the PHP mail() function, the Amazon SES service, Mailgun and Postmark. The code for these services is defined in the file for the Email class at the bottom.

The Mandrill API docs should contain the information to implement something quite similar using their API. You can simply copy and modify one of the existing Kirby email service definitions into your own Kirby plugin, which will be loaded by Kirby automatically. There’s no need to modify the core file.

If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask. :smiley:

With the uniform plugin, you can define your own custom actions as described in their readme file where you can put the code required for Mandrill.

Here you are:

This is still in development, tell me if it works for you :dog: