Mailchimp Panel Select Field - Mailchimp Plugin

I had to create a select field for a mailchimp lists for a client of mine, and made a select field for it and decided to share, this is a very simple field plugin (I am working on some more complex plugins coming soon). I would love any feedback!

To use :

  1. Unzip the files into fields/mailchimpselect directory

  2. In your config.php add

c::set('mailchimpAPI', "Your Mailchimp Key");
  1. In your blueprint file add the next lines
    label: Mail Chimp List
    type: mailchimpselect

Then you will have the list of all the mailchimp lists available to you.

Then you can use the field to get the ID of the mailchimp list and use it with the mailchimp API to subscribe/unsubscribe users (and other things).