Made with Kirby and <3

Hello there, this is my first submission. I have started to learn HTML, CSS, JS and PHP a few month ago and here my first full website Konnekt

Hard parts for me were :

  • two languages
  • a projects page with filters
  • a project detail page with different medias
  • a carrousel on the homepage
    I bought a Kirby licence and my client is very happy with the simplicity of the CMS.

Let me know what you think ?


I have to say that I’m super impressed if this is the result after just a few months of learning to build websites. :clap:

Thank you Bastian ! I am a designer with years of experience and always wanted to build everything from scratch.

I started learning HTML, CSS during the confinement in May and was looking for a CMS that I could understand.

Thanks to your amazing work, Kirby is exactly what I was looking for :

  • Super easy to install, duplicate, remove
  • The tutorials on YouTube are very easy to follow, very well explained
  • The forum is very useful, specially with all the answers from Sonja Broda :grinning:

The first website I built is for a friend looking to promote his next exhibition. Each bloc of picture is individual in Kirby with his settings so everything can be organized. Since then I bought 7 Kirby licence as I have other sites coming.

Thank you again for your work ans support !


Thanks for the kind feedback! It means a lot :slight_smile:

Hey !

This is a little project made for a friend who is building is own business.
Stack : Kirby CMS with the new Blocks-Layout awesome feature + Tailwindcss + Alpinejs


After almost a year in the making – due to setbacks caused by :microbe: and an issue involving my laptop and a glass of water :clown_face: – I’m excited to share the relaunch of ENTKUNSTUNG, designed by Entkunstung/Maximilian Mauracher, developed by me.

One of my largest projects to date, it features an online shop with Merx, an improved shuffle() function that works with pagination, and a few other things I’m happy about, including implementation with barba.js, Tufte-CSS-inspired footnotes and generated asset cards in the panel.

Stack: Plain HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Kirby, no frameworks used :~)

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 11.46.53


I really like it! Very well done. Superfast page loading and filtering.
Are those pages beeing preloaded by barba.js?

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Thanks a lot! :hugs:
Yeah, exactly. Barba.js is officially a page transition and animation library, but it includes some features like prefetch and caching, which make any website feel extremely fast. I was a bit worried about applying this many filters directly without any “apply filters”-button step, but combine barba.js’s features with kirbys extremely fast filtering and it’s almost like there’s no page load involved 🪄

Today marks the 10th anniversary of our studio and we just relaunched our site with Kirby. It has been long in the making and there are still things left to do but we enjoyed working with Kirby very much:


Hi, we really like working with Kirby and also build and relaunched our agency website last year with it:

Freunde guter Werbung –

… thanks for the great work and constantly working and developing Kirby. It’s really nice, flexible and also fun to use. :slight_smile:

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I made the visual identity and website for re-FORMAT, an exhibition at the museum Z33 in Hasselt (BE). It’s an interactive platform on which you can build a custom exhibition publication by saving pages from the ‘DeepMind’.

All powered by Kirby


Just re-did our website using the Landing theme and modified the theme it a bit to our requirements. We had a lot of fun working with Kirby, its just a blessing how well the engine is programmed. With the great help of @fabianmichael we got it up and running.

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I’ve recently been working on the relaunch of Glyphs, the font editor for Mac:

This is the first project I’ve joined where the site was already using Kirby — a nice surprise which cut out the need for my Kirby sales pitch!

Now being powered by Kirby 3, the site features hundreds of posts across different types including some that are written in multiple languages. This is the most complex Kirby build I’ve worked on so far and it performs brilliantly.

Thanks as always to the forum for its endless wisdom!


@chriscorby That’s just brilliant. Great work!

Do you use the Panel for this project? If you do, it would be super interesting to feature such a complex (and beautiful) website on with Panel screenshots.

@thguenther Thank you! Yes, it does use the Panel. I really like the concept for Kirbysites, so I’ll see what I can pull out :slightly_smiling_face:

I release Shuffle 3.0. You can check out here;
Already It has 47 blocks and 137 section samples.


Currently working on a live-stream event for the Belgian Art-collective called Vodka Candy (hehe).


Another one for the list:

Did the front-end. Designed by a colleague. Again, no JavaScript.


New website I designed and coded for Carlo

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-19 um 13.23.31

The website was released on march 1, just in time for the openings of cultural institutions after the Corona lockdown. We planned a booking system for events wich is now be used to register for the mandatory time slots.

I used Kirby’s default search „engine“ wich works surprisingly super fast (there are more than 300 pages to be searched) on a shared hosting service (Uberspace)

As an user tracking system I use Matomo without cookies to avoid the annoying cookie consent banners.

There was even a newspaper article with the title „A Touch of Hollywood“. :heart_eyes:

IMAGE 2021-03-19 13:37:01


Venice Design Biennial

The entire website would not have been possible without the Layout field :black_heart:

What is it?

The Venice Design Biennial is a permanent forum on design culture, connecting Venice to an international network of design leaders.
Every two years it takes the shape of diffuse design exhibitions in Venice, coinciding with the Architecture Biennale. Launched in 2016, it is divided between a thematic Main Group Exhibition and a series of Collateral Projects at unique locations across one of the most beautiful cities in the world.