Made with Kirby and <3

Hey! Here’s two kirby-powered sites I’ve been working on recently:

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After a long time I’m back.

For some days I release my new site based on Kirby and UIkit as a CSS Framework.

Markus Dunkel

Have a look and feel free to write tipps or critic.

Best wishes


This theme would benefit from a slightly collapsed header when scrolling down imo. The large padding looks nice above the fold but it’s rather intrusive when scrolling down.

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That’s true! I will change that…

Thanks @dreadnip

Hi, I launched a new Kirby theme in AwareThemes:

View live demo

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i just launched the first iteration of built with KirbyCMS and Google AMP only. It was pretty easy to add custom kirbytags for AMP’s required markup and get most AMP components running very quickly.

In the future i am going to add some IO functionality, so users can interact with the site, have a little messageboard and comments or such. have not looked into that as much, but , as it seems, that it would require some custom things to get it running in kirby.

it took me like a week from start to finish without having touched AMP once before. so if you want a basic website running AMP, kirby is definetly one of the easier CMS to run with.
if you plan to get a normal html site alongside a seperate version w/ amp, i think you should pretty easily get started with a custom page method, explained here.

also, if you are looking to get json running in kirby, it is a bit messy, but works just fine. – provided a great first excuse to play with kirby = <3

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These sites was created by previous developer at Faith Life Church for Pastor Gary

A little no-frills portfolio for a friend:


I’ve been using Kirby on my personal website for close to a year now. Also, about a month ago a friend and I launched our podcast website also built with Kirby.

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Today is a little bit momentous. For almost 10 years, I have been working on a Sass framework for building the most excellent things for the web. I have built hundreds of websites with this framework, for clients, and for brand names that are known all over the world. I built it because I was not satisfied with the available frameworks.

I share it now, publicly, and open source. If you build something awesome with it, let me know :slight_smile: If you want to help out, pull requests are welcome.

Of course, the documentation site was built with Kirby. What else :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Finally, after some weeks of hard work and fine tweaking details, we’ve launched our new website, powered by Kirby:

Professional Translation Services by Language Buró

If it helps anybody, I’m using the following plugins:

  • focus
  • kirby-serp
  • seo-checklist
  • uniform
  • kirby-tabs-field

Is there a page to submit this website for the Kirby showcase that appears in the homepage? Thanks!

Nice… :slight_smile: … there is a missing image at the bottom of this page… … in fact it looks missing on most pages. Im guessing it should be a photo of a person called Valentina Farallo.

<img src="http://localhost/lb-kirby/content/snippet-team/valentina-farallo-small.png">

Cheeky little localhost path got left in :slight_smile:

It a nice site, though, looks it was alot of work. well done :slight_smile:

There are also some fonts missing, due to wrong paths… should probably be /assets/fonts/....

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@rodrigogalindez Sorry to point something else out, but the email address in the footer should really be obfusificated, otherwise its likely to get harvested by spammers.

Kirby can help with that…

In a textfield - (email: will scramble it nicely.

If you need to do it in the template, take a look at this post.

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Thanks James! Fixed the reference to localhost and used email: in a textarea as well as the method you recommend for the templates. However, I don’t see it obfuscated… it seems the email address is still showing up normally. How can I test this?

If you do a view source in the browser, rather then inspecting the elements in the browser, you should see something like:


The browsers inspector is clever enough to unscramble it, thats why it probably looks like nothing has changed.

That makes sense. Thanks for the feedback! Looking forward to see the first sale via these pages :pray:

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Earlier this week I deployed my first site made with Kirby and <3

The site is my own: BHI Consulting for Websites

At first I wasn’t too sure on how to go ahead, so I purchased a theme, but then I changed my mind and only used that (and Starterkit) as examples on how to go forward. Instead I put together the site with Bulma CSS Framework. The plugins I used are Responsive Images and Lightbox Gallery (with Photoswipe).

Coming from WordPress, Kirby is smooth sailing in many different aspects. I expect to be able to build many more sites with Kirby this year!

Nice to see a WordPress specialists site made with Kirby :wink:

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