Looking for someone to upgrade my sites from v1/v2 to v3


my own site and several site for older clients still use v1 oder v2. But since my hosting provide drops PHP < 8, I need to upgrade those pages (or is the a v2 working with PHP ≥ 8?). However at the moment I’m full time employed and have no time to do these upgrades. Is there anyone here willing to do this job?

Best, Tobi

PS: I couldn’t find the “job” tag, so maybe an admin can add it. Thanks

I could probably help here. Feel free to DM me or contact via https://hashandsalt.com/

Thanks I send you an email.

But I’d would be nice to have some more quotes form others :slight_smile:

The jobs category has been removed in favor of https://airtable.com/shrfCqUxq5L3GyhIb

Hi Sonja,

thanks for the link! Maybe this information could be added/pinned at Jobs - Kirby or did I miss this?