Looking for German Kirby Developer / Agency

A small theatre in Cologne is currently looking for a Kirby developer who has time to launch a small spin-off site. They are currently using Kirby for their own main website and want to launch their new spin-off in a few weeks. It is not going to be a huge project… it’s more like a little project presentation with five to eight pages or so.
I don’t have time at the moment to start another project so maybe somebody else is interested?
Speaking German is mandatory.

Please contact me, if you are willing to help out and I will share some details with you. Thank you!

Hättest du die Anfrage gleich auf Deutsch gestellt, hätten sich diese generischen Benutzer aus Indien bestimmt nicht gemeldet. :smiley:

Schade, ich würde es gern machen, habe aber leider selber keine Zeit. Viel Glück noch!

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Thanks all! I found someone for this project! :slight_smile: