Looking for an efficient way to query all images on a site and make selections to go on an inspiration board

There are over 4000 images on my site I want to make selections for an inspiration board but my current strategy is really slow and expensive.

title: Inspiration
    type: files
    query: site.index.find('interviews').children.listed.notfuture.flip.images
    layout: cards
    uploads: false
      type: pages
      label: Select images
      limit: 20
      search: false

I’m looking for a more efficient way to do this.

Are these two fields, there is to pages property in a files field.? Something looks wrong here.

Also, how many pages called interview are there. I think the query is wrong and should be

 query: site.find('interviews').children.listed.notfuture.flip.images

But querying 4000 images will probably be slow anyway…

You could use a custom site method for this query. In the site method you could use a custom cache: Caching | Kirby

Then it would be just query: site.interviewImages and the results are cached.


Ahh this is interesting as there are new image added so it will only need to cache new ones.
Any idea how I could do this exactly? The site method I could create but I’m not familiar with custom caching.

Putting something in a custom cache is quite easy:

$cache = $kirby->cache('yourCache');
$cachedImages = $cache->get('interviewImages');
if ($cachedImages === null) {
  $cache->set('interviewImages', site()->index()->find('interviews')->children()->listed()->notfuture()->flip()->images());