Get specific image from other page in front-end

I have one page (‘bestanden’) with all the images uploaded.
I have other pages where I can select that images using:
type: files
query: site.find(‘bestanden’).images.filterBy(‘type’,‘image’)
multiple: false
template: default
When I select an image I see in the field “afbeelding” an url - bestanden/vootzy-deelt.svg
But I did not succeed to get the image “viewable” in the frontend.
I did try $site->find(‘bestanden’)->filterBy(‘filename’, ‘*=’, $page->afbeelding()->html())

See the documentation how to use a files field in the frontend:

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I missed the ->toFile() method! But you did point me in the right direction again!
Thanks. I am now near to finish my first Kirby site.