Looking for a freelancer/agency for custom CMS Panel UI

Hi there!

We’ve got a project on that requires a CMS for managing the content in a visitors centre. The space has a number of screens and the system will be used to manage the media and settings in the various zones.
We’re looking for someone who is already accustomed with :

  • creating custom/ modifying panel components/layouts as required to provide the necessary functionality. adding custom Vue components where needed
  • eye for details, proficient in css/styling
  • handling custom API integration.

some functions include:

Media Gallery

single gallery for the whole space. Users can:
-View a thumbnail grid of media
-Easily see if its an image or video type (e.g icon in the corner).
-Search box to find a specific file by filename.
-Filter options including (tag, date, file type, zone)
-Upload a new media item (image or video). Including validation to restrict files to certain file types and -file sizes and media dimensions.
-Edit an item (tags , other fields )
-Tags – autocomplete on entering tags,with separate area for managing tags (add/remove).

Voice Assistant Management Page
custom form with third-party API intergration

Welcome Zone page
similar to a blog editor page, where users can add templated pages

Other zones
more standard pages

implement a simple theme for the CMS. e.g change colour/ adjust font.
Add a wallpaper and logo to the login.

exposing a set of http API endpoints for other Display applications to access media and settings data in the various zones.

If anyones interested please send a mail to david.hoe@engageworks.com