Locator plugin not saving change?

Hello, We’re working with the locator plugin from @sylvainjule and the first “Save” works well. However, if I update the location by moving it with my mouse, I get an error message when I try to “Save” again. Are there any ideas about how to fix this? Thanks!

Can you check your php error logs for the stack trace? And which version of Kirby are you using with which PHP version?

There are no php errors in my nginx-error.log. My Kirby version is and PHP version is 8.1.5

I saw you opened an issue on GitHub in the locator plugin repo.

However, it might not even be related to the plugin (and I meant the php error logs, not the server (nginx) error logs, but to Kirby. So I’d highly recommend you update to the latest Kirby version or downgrade to PHP 8.0.

I can close the the issue on GitHub.

I downgraded to PHP 8.0.18. It looks like I have a Kirby version of after I put in composer update getkirby/cms which must mean it’s up to date. As of this point, the error has not gone away? Thanks