Load all in once in a browser

Hello :slight_smile:
for an experimental project. I need to load all the cms content in once into the browser
(maybe in cache). So as to navigate between pages without connection.
Is there any tricks to do that?

thanks for your precious help.

Not my area of expertise but what you need, I think, is a service worker in combination with local storage.
This way you can store all the content of your site inside local storage and make the site available for offline use.

This might be helpful: http://marcotroisi.com/make-your-website-available-offline-with-html5/

Differences localStorage / AppCache: http://researchhubs.com/post/computing/web-application/appcache-vs-web-storage-vs-cookie.html

Marvellous , it can be really usefull. I will take a look of this with the cms :slight_smile:
thank you so much