Listing blog/article posts from a hidden parent page so it doesn't come up in my nav. $pages->Invisible()

Hi everyone.

I’m having some issues organising my site.

Because the way I’ve organised my nav, there’s 3 tiers being shown. Parent-Child-Grandchild.

On my news page I’d like to show only “articles/blog posts” but not the other visible children of “News”. The way the code is written now is that it shows all the visible children of a page.

So what I’m thinking is a create page called “Articles” have that hidden and then all my articles goes into that and just call the children of that page.

The code that’s been provided by the tutorial is pretty straight forward and I know there’s a free Kirby theme with an awesome blog but I’ve been struggling to get that to work… somehow lol.

My solution was to use

I must admit that I can’t quite follow your explanations. Can you post an outline of your structure? What are children here and what grandchildren?

$page->invisible() does not exist, it’s $pages->invisible(), but if you call an individual page like this:

then it does not make any difference if `news` is visible or invisible.

I’ve updated it, it was meant to be $pages->invisible().

It’s working as intended but I guess is it better to create a separate page.

Articles and have all the articles go into that page and then use:


Rather than put them all under News and then




Basically I ask this because I don’t want all the individual articles clogging up my Nav bar.

Hello @JIrving,
It’s unclear exactly what you’re trying to achieve here. As @texnixe suggested, an outline of what your folder structure looks like and what you want to display in your menu would greatly help us help you!

This topic has already been solved outside of this thread …

Perfect! It was still marked as open. I’m glad it’s solved!