Links to files change when page is made visible and invisible

Hi all,

Just bought my first license and am excited to try it out! Having a pickle of a time trying to get links to work though.

In a typical subpage, I can upload files. To link to them, I can edit the file and [select the public link]

However, as soon as I set the page to visible, [the folder name changes]

which effectively breaks any of the links I had with it in the text I made while the page is invisible.

Please advise.

I suggest you only include a path, not an absolute link:

// in the same page (you can do this via drag & drop)
(link: client2.png)
// in another page
(link: path_to_page/client2.png)
// eg
(link: projects/project-a/client2.png)

Thank you for the quick reply.

I can confirm that drag and dropping the file works. Thank you.

Is there still a way to link it to selected text link the way the link button does?

Yes, that is still possible.

I tried to drag while the text is selected, but the (file: something.pdf) overwrites my text.

I tried to use the link button, but when I preview the page, it gives me the file as instead of

am i missing something?