How can client upload and link to PDF?

How can a client create a link in the textarea - then upload a PDF (or Word doc etc) - to be downloaded by visitors clicking on the link?

I’m not in control of where the client wants to have links to PDFs or downloadable files.

I thought creating a link would give the option of uploading a file, but it doesn’t

I think the easiest would be to have the users drag and drop their file, from their desktop or whatever, directly into the textarea in kirby:

As an alternative I’d suggest clicking on the “File” button (with the paperclip icon), then selecting “Upload a file”:

Strange my Panel made up from blocks looks different. Not sure why I don’t have the paperclip icon. Could the developer I’m working with have turned this off?

And I can’t drag and drop a PDF into the page

Ah, you’re using the writer field (in a “text” block). I’m not familiar with that, since I don’t use it normally - just plain old textareas here…

I guess its something the writer field is missing, someone else just asked about the same thing: Download / file links in Writer

Arghhh, yes it does seem to be missing. That’s a pain

It seems we either have the more visual, client friendly Writer Field, or the more functions of the textarea – but can’t have both.