Linkage Issue with showing created thumbnails on page

Thanks for any help.

Im using Imagekit to create a shitload of thumbs that are all displayed on a homepage. Everything seems to be working, as in I go ahead and create all images in the panel per imagekit’s panel function. I can go into the thumbs folder and see that all the appropriate images have been created. But when i navigate to the page with the thumbs, I get only broken link icons.

This is what I am using to fill in the image:
echo '<img class="lozad" data-src="' . thumb($featured_img, array('width'=> 605))->url() . '">';

I disabled lazyloader so I know there is no issue there. I also turned off imagekit and the same thing happens.

Inspecting the resulting html, I see that it has put a link to the thumb. If I try to navigate to the thumb by copy and pasting that url into the browser but I get a " Not Found The requested URL /index.php was not found on this server."
The url output looks like below.

EDITED- the above url should read: http://localhost:8888/wm_site/svb/thumbs/advertising/icb-ss4/kk_022816132-605x806.jpg

I feel like this is something very minor. Does anything else need to be in the thumbs folder? The thumbs folder is generated so I know its not in the wrong place.

Anyone else have any issues like this?

COuld it be something with mod_rewrite? I had to uncomment
RewriteBase /
to get the site to work on the staging server.

The URL looks incorrect, usually the URL should look similar to this, i.e. with thumbbeing part of the URL, unless you have set it to something else.

Apologies…I pasted the wrong one.

THumbs is actually part of the url like so:


I still get the same error message if I try to navigate to it.

The image then would theoretically show up at that url correct?

Usually, it should show up, if it was generated and is present in the folder.

Ah…it seems that locally when I comment RewriteBase / then the thumbs show up.

Problem is that I need to uncomment that for the production site but that seems to be causing issues with the thumbs. Not too familiar with all of this but what is actually happening?

Does it work on the production site with the rewrite base uncommented?

If yes, then you have to use different .htaccess files on your localhost and the production server.

It does work on production site with rewrite base uncommented. I should clarify, the production site actually loads when the rewrite base is uncommented but the thumb linkage is still broken. If rewrite base is commented on production site, the site doesn’t load and instead I get 404 message. Weird?

But are the generated links on the production site theoretically correct? And do the thumbs get generated on the production server?

The links are theoretically correct and they do get generated successfully on the production server
This probably needs some context. Im working with a friends brother who is the keeper of my friends hosting account.
He set up a folder newsite in the root folder right alongside the current kirby site folder. He then created a subdomain and links to the newsite folder. Using the .htaccess file out of the box created the 404 issue described above, in which the home page loads but no images load and all links create an internal server error. Thus I uncommented RewriteBase / and then all the links work but still no thumbs.

At this point, my local copy works as it should.


Apologies…it seems I needed to open up permissions on the folder. Annoyingly amateur.

Thanks for your help @texnixe

Oh, I thought it was writing to the folder.

Never mind, glad that it works now. I’d never copy over thumbs, let them regenerate on the server. That way you always know if your thumbs are generated or not.