Limit panel access to only one page

Hi everyone,
I have a case where admins (access to everything) can set an owner on clients pages. Each client shoulb be able to edit his own page and only this one.

Actually my user blueprint look like this:

title: Fournisseur

home: /panel/account

    panel: true
    site: false
    settings: false
    users: false
    languages: false
    system: false

    type: pages
    label: Votre fiche
    query: kirby.collection('fournisseurs')
    multiple: false

So each client can log into panel and view his own account which shows the page he must be able to edit. But now since i have set the site permission to false, this user can’t go to his own page and edit it.

Any clue on how to achieve it ? Do i need to use hooks for this ? I’m liking the fact that these users can only see their own page.


The easiest approach is probably the Bouncer plugin: Going beyond Kirby's permissions features | Kirby CMS

Thanks @texnixe for your fast reply, even on sunday :slight_smile:

But it seems that this plugins doesn’t suits my needs. I’ll try to go for a frontend protected page where user can edit their own page

No? What is missing?

I missed the configuration part of the plugin, finally it’s perfect for my use case.

Thanks a lot