Let user add a snippet inside blocks?

With the editor it was possible for users to add snippets by using a tag like {{ datatable }} or {{ gallery }}

This does not seem to be working with blocks. What are my options for getting the same functionality?

To answer my own question. The easiest way I found so far was to create a custom block type per this guide Blocks | Kirby CMS
and just reference the snippet you want with with:

<?php snippet('datatable') ?>

Have I overlooked any ways that are simpler than this?

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I’d say that’s the best option.

Brilliant. But - can I pass some argument to the snippet? Something like

<? snippet('my-snippet', ['var1' => 'foo']) ?>


If the snippet is referenced via a block, then yes, you could pass the arguments as fields inside this block.

Uhm. I tried to pass an argument using a markdown block, but it doesn’t work :frowning:

(snippet:latest-tracks, [‘skipFirst’=>false])

Have you created a custom Kirbytag for that? Otherwise this will not work.

I thought you were calling the snippet via the block snippet.