Let admin edit styling

Hey Kirby-Forum,

yesterday i had a meeting with a client who wants to have more specific edition options like changing background colors of sections or h3 colors according. is there any chance to let the user do this in the cms?


Yes, you can implement this in your edit forms (blueprints).

Either through fields that your provide and whose values you later fetch in your templates, or by letting the user write custom CSS (depending on whether or not you ca. trust the user with writing CSS). Usually, I’d. vote for the first option and limit the user to defining things in a limited way.

Where color is concerned, there. are some plugins that may help to choose colours or limit the available colors:

thanks for the quick reply.
that sounds great. but i’ll have to solve it with inline styling of course right?

but how would i let them write custom css (not trusting them haha, just curious now)?

the first link is amazing and basically exactly what i was looking for.


Yes, inline styling.

For custom CSS, you can use a textarea field that you then include in the header within style tags. I’ve seen this in some CMSs but don’t think it’s a great idea.

aaah, my head just did too many complicated things, could not think of how to access the css file. but of course, the header…

thanks for the quick help (as always :wink: )