Kirbytext sometimes adds <p>, sometimes not

Is there a logic to why Kirby adds < P >tags to text? For example, it’s adding < p > classes in a nested UL element.

Example below:

- Assistants:
- Nathan Drake
    - Jason Bourne

and it appears in html like this:

<p>Nathan Drake</p>
<li>Jason Bourne</li>

and visually like this (my li elements are 50% and float so they go next to each other)

the next list down is formatted the exact same way, only there is NO < p > wrapped around the first item, allowing it to butt right up to the next item.

What version of Kirby are you on? Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce this behavior.

On a side note: Personally, I would not use nested lists in the way you do here, because the hierarchy does feel semantically incorrect.

Edit: Did you enter a blank line between the two sections (i.e. after Jason Bourne)? If I do I get the same result as you do.

This is how the list should look:

- Assistants
- Nathan Drake
    - Jason Muller
- Skeleton
- They're so spooky
    - Eeek! So scawwy!

And semantically correct:

- Assistants 
    - Nathan Drake
    - Jason Bourne
- Skeleton
    - They're so spooky.
    - Eeek!