Kirbytext Character Entity Reference Broken in Links

I came across this issue after converting to Kirby 3. When using character reference entities in links the reference name displays and not the character for example:

(link: text: Apple® Pay How To Video)

Will display ® - but if I do traditional markdown like below, it works fine and renders the character as Ā®

[Apple® Pay How To Video](

Probably the same issue as this:

As an alternative to using markdown links you can enter those characters via the keyboard, in the example Alt+R and they will render alright in the tag.

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Iā€™m actually not escaping it.

  <?php echo $page->text()->kirbytext() ?>

I know, but the text gets Html::encoded() so Kirby encodes a string that is already encoded, the effect is the same, a double encoded string.

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