Kirby's favorite Frontend frameworks to look out for in 2022

Hello kirby folks!

I’m currently investigating new ways to build the frontend. I’ve had great pleasure working with the php templates for some years now. However, looking at the broader scope of things and the evolution of frontend tools I’m just wondering which stacks are on your radar for 2022? Especially to hook up with Kirby as this still is my go-to-cms. In my eyes the choice should be something which is reliable on the long run (which can be said about php), all while keeping up with the competition in terms of flexibility. Not saying that I would want to skip php all together since V8 surly looks great.

As an autodidact webdeveloper I’m well aware my stack might have been too cluttered by tryouts from reading different articles about the next big thing in webdesign… I think that’s the learning curve for the average autodidact hehe. Jumping from different static site-builders for smaller sideprojects to exploring different configurations of experimental cms systems and frontend frameworks. But since I’m working for bigger clients now, there is this urge to settle down on a reliable and future proof stack. All while keeping myself creative doing the actual design work in an intuitive way.

I am following the progress of Pico.css. I like the vision to focus more on HTML semantics rather than div-ify everything. But I would not consider Pico.css as a framework. IMHO it is more an advanced CSS reset.

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