Kirby3 blueprint text field dynamic default value from page title

Update. Or put the method into the model for the parent page (probably projects?)

I’m going to get some sleep now, good night. Hope you get it to work.

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Thanks! This totally did the trick for 3.3.5 - my parent page was ‘Work’ so I renamed the model extension to site/models/work.php and changed the class from ProjectPage to WorkPage

I looked around, didn’t see how to upgrade to 3.4. I purchased a license back in early July through Paddle. Only thing I’m seeing is to manually download Kirby 3.4 from the github source / zip, but I would have no idea what folders/files to replace without trashing all the work I’ve done so far. Too scared to touch anything else now that I have so much in place as is haha, going to just finish this project using 3.3.5 to be safe.

Thanks again for all your help! You’re the best @texnixe :+1:

All you need to do is download Kirby from here:

Unzip the folder, rename from kirby-3.4.0 to kirby and replace the kirby folder inside your project folder with this new kirby folder.

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Ah nice!! Thanks for the 3.4 zip link - this totally worked, and I changed my model back to site/models/project.php and the class WorkPage back to the page itself, ProjectPage :zap:

I agree with OP, it’s really frustrating, that placeholder: supports query syntax and default: doesn’t. Also none of this is documented :frowning:

@ahmetbora is currently implementing query syntax for default values…

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It’s midnight on a sunday, and you’re answering within 5 minutes. That’s a ridiculous level of support :heart:. Thanks for the link. Seems like this will get merged soon. Can’t wait!

Hi pReya,

I had a look at the implementation @texnixe mentioned but I can’t seem to get this to work in Kirby 3.6 - have you had any luck getting this to work?

Any input would be helpful

The PR was closed, not merged. The issue is on the backlog.

@texnixe would LOVE to see this being added. any updates on this from you or the team? :pray: :sparkles:

Can’t tell, but posted a question in the old, closed PR…