Kirby website will not load on safari?

I have been testing some updates on the website and I have noticed it will not load at all on safari. Can anyone see the issue here please?

Hello Alex,

I have tested the site in epiphany-browser which is also WebKit based. It doesn’t load either.

Some pages appear to load though, others do not:
Mango Media - Résumé - Works
Mango Media - About - Doesn’t work
Mango Media - Blog - Works
Mango Media - About - Doesn’t work

I don’t believe it’s server cached or a local caching issue because it’s only specific to Webkit-based browsers.

I don’t see any errors in the browser console or network tab. I see some files load, but others are waiting [see attached] while this is happening the browsers CPU usage does increase massively and the whole browser becomes slow. This is also the same in Safari on my colleague’s computer.

From what I can tell, this is specific to the site and how web-kit based browsers handle it. Unfortunately nothing server-side will fix this, so I would suggest contacting the developers of the Kirby builder.

Well, I can’t tell what the issue is, but it’s certainly not Kirby related. I tried to run it on pagespeed insights and got very poor performance on mobile and an error occurred for desktop.

thank you for the feedback. i have checked with the pages that do work, and they have webGL on. I checked and safari should support this. But it does not.