Homepage is not loading

Hey there,
For any reasons my Homepage is not working anymore. I tried different options, but i can’t find the right answer here. My structure:

I set the homepage like this:
c::set('home', 'projects');


when I am removing c::set('home', 'projects'); the projectoverview is working but not the link to the homepage. I pretty sure there will be a simple solution for this :v:

That’s not really surprising, because there is no home folder in your project (at least if it still looks like the one you sent me).

Have you enabled debugging?

Edit: What do you get, an error message or a blank page?

It will load very very long, and then it says:
“safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding”

Folder-Structure should be the same, just added a new page (imprint)

Have you tried to delete Kirby’ cache folder, your browser cache and website history? Do you get the same problem with another browser?

Safari: is not loading the page
Chrome: is loading every page pretty fast
Firefox: needs a bit to load the homepage but it works

I have problems with Safari loading pages sometimes as well…

oh, okay. Lets see if it stays. :slight_smile:

As I said, try to clear the cache and history, or restart your computer to check if the problem persists. I sometimes can’t even load the forum or other sites using Safari when they are perfectly reachable with other browsers.