Kirby URL shortener service

Well, that’s another idea… we all know the TLD (top level domain) of Belarus - don’t we?

Do we?


Yeah! It’s .by - so you can create cool URL’s like or, well… for example (too bad that one is taken).

But we can register something like and use that as an universal URL-shortener (like Wordpress has build in there system);

When you have a really long blog-title and wants to share it by (pun intended) Twitter or something - one can shorten it to something like

Belarus (formerly Soviet State, but now a days looking towards the European Union) is pretty stable - so for long terms I guess the .by extension is safe to use and register.

###Mockup of the shortener in Kirby’s panel…###

###And the registration options###

…yeah - don’t go European - they ask 10x the normal price :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone having nice ideas for the .by extension?

I don’t think this should be a Kirby feature. Kirby is a decentralized system and adding a centralized feature (like a domain name that has to be maintained for years and years to come) is not a good idea.

But maybe there’s a Kirby feature you don’t know yet: The tinyurl. It returns a quite short URL that internally points to the URI of the page. You can use this with your own domain and your site won’t depend on any external service.

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Cool, I didn’t know TinyUrl (well, I do know the site / service - not that is was included in Kirby).

To be honest - my idea was just a brain-doodle… I was looking for but that one is registered… so after all I went up thinking about alternative URL-schemes :slight_smile:

Maybe I will register just for the fun of it…

I appreciate your enthusiasm for Kirby, but maybe don’t reference street violence on the forum – especially when it’s not related to the topic at hand.

Thanks @samnabi. I have removed the URL from the post.