Kirby thinks it is not installed?

Hey folks,

i get the following error message on my server for some reason:

Kirby encountered the following issues during installation…
You are only allowed to run the panel installer from the same computer that is the server or by setting the option panel.install to true in your /site/config/config.php

I know what the purpose of the message is, but that is only supposed to happen during an install, am I right?

I already installed it a long time ago and I am just pushing files to it.

What would cause kirby to think it is not installed?

Have you somehow removed/deleted the account files in site/accounts? Or perhaps permissions have changed.

Yes, the accounts were removed.
Is there any reason that would happen you can think of, especially Kirby related?
The only thing I did is upload via git push, ignoring the whole accounts folder.

Check your .gitignore. For security reasons, accounts should be excluded by default so they don’t end up on Github etc.

Hm, so you created the accounts folder on the server? And then used git push to deploy with the accounts folder ignored?

Thank you for taking the time.
I uploaded the accounts manually and used git to upload ever since such that I could develop locally and let others use the panel (all without access at this point. Accounts folder is ignored.

Kirby doesn’t remove the account files automatically. I’d rather suspect either someone has removed them from the server manually or they were removed by the deployment process.