Kirby requires Apache, Nginx or Caddy - even though it is

Testing site against a (test) subdomain to see different server setups other than localhost to see if several of my functions still work on another envoirment i am running into the problem, that when trying to access the panel it shows the

Kirby requires Apache, Nginx or Caddy

error message, even though the server is running

  • apache
  • nginx (reverse proxy)

are there some cases where the actual server can’t be read, and there is, what would be a possible fix?
(or at least a way to identify to what could be the issue)

Ok, found some github link to check the


it seems that my mod_security setting is overwriting this variable because the result is nowhere near “Apache” or “nginx” but hinting at mod security…

Could i just add

        $servers = [
             // Addition below
            'mod security'

or would that be a rather bad idea (server_software echoes a string with mod security) and adding that, seems to work…

Instead of hacking the core you could try to overwrite the server software in the index.php before Kirby gets initialized.


We already have a ticket to disable that check or overwrite it, so this might just be a temporary hack.