Kirby Paperback Export

Hello there.

I’m pleased to announce my very first plugin for Kirby.

Kirby Paperback Export generates a lightly formatted text file based on your site content, which can be used to create a “book” viewable on a Newton OS device.

What is a Paperback book, you ask?

Paperback is a simple cross-platform utility created by David Fedor that takes plain text files and quickly packages them for viewing on a Newton OS device. Since the Paperback utility only runs under classic Mac OS and Windows, an online Paperback Book Maker was developed by Victor Rehorst for all your cross-platform needs.

If you ask me, this is a perfect solution for the three (or four) people on the planet that use Kirby and own a Newton.



For what it’s worth, I still miss my MP 2000. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are not alone … a lot of people mention that on the NewtonTalk mailing list. Others are rediscovering their old green friend.

You might be interested in tinkering with Einstein, the Newton OS emulator.

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