Kirby + PrinceXML?

Dear fellow Kirby lovers,

Has anyone tried to plug Kirby with [PrinceXML][1]?

What I want to do is:

  • generate content through Kirby
  • create a beautiful PDF (with pages etc.) from the content

Also, if some of you have other ideas on how to do that, please let me know.

Thank you

You can use the Prince PHP library to access Prince from your PHP code.

Regarding Kirby integration: You can simply drop the prince.php into your plugin directory and then create another plugin that uses the library in the Kirby context. A good way of implementing dynamic PDF generation could be to create a route that serves the PDF of a given page:

// Make sure to load Prince before this plugin

    'pattern' => 'pdf/(:all)', 
    'action' => function($path) {
      $page = page($path);
      $prince = new Prince('<path>');
      // Do stuff with $page and generate HTML code for the PDF
      // You could use an HTML template inside your plugin
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Thanks @lukasbestle!
This looks really exciting! Have you tried it yourself?
Would you recommend using Prince? Or do you know of a better (cheaper) option?

I have used Prince for a project that required dynamic HTML to PDF conversion. Prince is the only good library for this use-case.

If you only need a static template (the same layout, only different content), I can highly recommend TCPDF. It has an awful API but once you know how to use it, it works pretty well. And it’s free and open source. :smiley:

If you want to use TCPDF, you can swap out the word prince with tcpdf in my previous post. It works with Kirby in the same way.

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Thanks @lukasbestle
TCPDF: OMG this website…
Would you have a place where I can see it work?

It gets even worse once you take a look at the documentation and the source code. :wink:

I don’t have any public TCPDF examples, but you can learn a lot about how it works in the official examples.

OK I’ll try and dig into it.
Thanks a lot

You are welcome. :smile: